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Tami Roman Moves Past ‘Basketball Wives’ Drama and Says She Won’t Let Anyone ‘Keep Me In a Box’

Tami Roman shared some inspiration with her Instagram followers that shed some light on how she’s managed to transform her outlook on life — and how she refused to let anyone keep her down.

Using an interview with Tina Turner, the “Basketball Wives” star uniquely illustrated just how she arrived at her conclusion to realize she had to make some changes in her personal outlook.

“I’m extremely critical of myself and I think I became what I am from looking at all the old footage,” Turner says. “I corrected myself often. I look … and I think, ‘Oh, I’ll change that.’ All of that was to make myself better or as good as I possibly could be and staying myself. … Who knows what’s best for me? You make the moves in your life that you need to. You accept what people say about you critically if you’re strong enough to handle it and that’s how I live my life. Because the moves that I’ve made have been positive ones.”

Roman explained in the caption of the Sept. 23 post how glimpsing Turner’s beach interview inspired her.

“I saw this interview and it spoke to me! This is me right now. I looked at myself & knew I needed to make changes-spiritually, mentally, physically, in business affairs, in all my relationships and life in general -critics, trolls & fake folks will try to keep me in a box & continue to spew negativity. But God! I know the work I’ve done, the positive changes I’ve made and I’m going to uplift myself. Get Into the new new because I personally am enjoying her 💯
#SundayMotivation #DoTheWork #WalkInFaith #StayGenuine #FocusOnGod #FocusOnYou #LetPeopleSayAndStayWhereTheyAre #YouKeepPushing #TowardsABetterYou #GetIntoIt #TinaTurner 💯❤️.”

Fans applauded Roman’s growth, which has been evidenced on screen by the way she was able to walk away from going on the cast trip to Amsterdam, avoiding a repeat of past violent incidents on similar getaways.

“God called your name👀 You never looked back. #elevation #comeuphigher.”

“Tami I love you …you will forever be something and awesome and blessed and beautiful…you have most definitely evolved for the better.”

“I like the new Tammy and in my book you are the!😍😘.”

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