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Inappropriate? Garcelle Beauvais Suffers the Wrath of Jada Pinkett Smith Fans After Steamy Birthday Post to Will Smith

Garcelle Beauvais just wished Will Smith a happy birthday, and social media lost it.

“A birthday kiss for the birthday boy #willsmith,” she wrote. “Happy 50th.”

But it wasn’t the actress’ words that caught people’s attention, it was a photo she shared of herself and Smith kissing in the 1999 film “Wild Wild West.”

Many thought the picture was inappropriate, simply because Smith is a married man, and Jada Pinkett Smith wouldn’t like it.

“You better take this down before Jada goes on a Twitter rant,” someone wrote.

“Oh, the ‘Red Table Talk’ gonna be lit once Jada sees this,” another person tweeted.

Plus, there were some who brought up the rumor that Will and Jada have an open marriage, which began when Jada spoke about her relationship in a past interview. 

“I’ve always told Will, ‘You can do whatever you want as long as you can look at yourself in the mirror and be okay,” she told HuffPost Live.

It was a statement that Jada clarified later in a Facebook post, and she said her marriage isn’t necessarily open, just “grown” and full of trust.

Eventually, Beauvais responded to all the comments, and she threw a question to her followers.

“Why is everyone so sensitive today?” she asked. “ Lighten up. It’s a Tuesday.”

But Beauvais’ words didn’t quell much of the backlash. In fact, people only came at her with more criticism and harsher words.

“Because that’s a married man?” one person wrote, answering the actress’ tweet. “Doesn’t it say mommy in your bio? Sis, go mind yours.”

“Don’t cry about social media when you get the attention you ordered,” wrote someone else.

Neither Jada or Will have responded to Beauvais’ post or the chatter it caused, but Beauvais has already taken the photo down.

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