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Former Trump Aide Jason Miller Leaves CNN Amid Claims He Drugged Ex-Girlfriend with Abortion Pill

Former Trump aide Jason Miller is “stepping away” from CNN.

On Saturday, Miller announced he was quitting his role as a political commentator for the network to “focus on clearing [his] name” amid allegations he slipped an abortion pill into his pregnant ex-girlfriend’s smoothie.

“To be clear, none of this is in an any way true,” Miller wrote in a tweet, vowing to fight “the false and defamatory accusations being made against me.” Miller added, “That doesn’t matter however in the current court of public opinion, where fraudulent statements and a lack of factual support rule the day as long as it fits into a tweet.”

Jason Miller

Twitter screenshot.

Bombshell court filings obtained by Splinter News alleged that Miller, prior to his high-profile extramarital affair with fellow Trump staffer A.J. Delgado, also had an affair with an unnamed woman he met at an Orlando strip club.

After learning she was pregnant, the filings claim Miller dosed the woman with an “abortion pill” without her knowledge, causing termination of the pregnancy and nearly the woman’s death.

According to court documents, Miller “visited her at her apartment with a Smoothie beverage. Unbeknownst to Jane Doe, the Smoothie contained an abortion bill. [sic] The pill induced an abortion, and Jane Doe wound up in a hospital emergency room, bleeding heavily and nearly went into a coma. The unborn child died.”

Miller’s alleged relationship with the woman reportedly began in 2012 while he was working for prominent Republican ad firm Jamestown Associates, court filings state. The documents were filed Sept. 14 in a Miami-Dade Circuit Court as part of a nasty custody battle between Miller and Delgado, The New York Post reported. With the allegations filed into court record, Delgado asked that Miller undergo a “psychiatric evaluation,” saying she feared for her and their son’s safety if she commented on the matter.

The filings further allege that upon leaving the hospital, “A rightly enraged Jane Doe contacted the staffers of local politicians with whom Mr. Miller” was at the strip club with the night they met, after which Miller allegedly “attempted to have Jane Doe sign a non-disclosure agreement” in exchange for a lump sum of cash.

Miller vehemently denied the claims, however, and has threatened to sue Splinter for reporting on the filings.

“There is no validity to the false accusations made in Ms. Delgado’s filing,” his lawyers said in a statement to the magazine. “We also know the identity of the ‘Jane Doe’ referenced in the filing, have located her, and Mr. Miller is absolutely certain that he does not know her, never had a relationship with her, and never engaged in the actions Ms. Delgado — and now you — falsely accuse him of committing.”

Jason Miller

Twitter screenshot.

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