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Tara Setmayer Lights Up CNN Panelist Over Trump’s Racist Behavior

A heated panel discussion between President Donald Trump’s former chief spokesman Jason Miller and Black conservative Tara Setmayer went profusely left after debating the head of state’s past “inflammatory” actions.

CNN host Anderson Cooper’s panel segment got a little intense on Thursday evening after liberal analyst Karine Jean Pierre recalled the countless times Trump attacked Black and Latino individuals before his presidency.

“I grew up in New York City, I know exactly who Donald Trump is,” Pierre stated to the panel.

“Donald Trump started his business career discriminating against black tenants… He started his political career peddling a conspiracy theory about birtherism. He started his presidential career talking about Mexicans and rapists. He talked about neo-Nazis and saying there were fine people on both sides in Charlottesville,” the liberal added.

Miller defended Trump and said the president isn’t to blame for “everything” including Roseanne Barr‘s racist tweets. He also mentioned the president “did better with Africa-Americans than Mitt Romney”, but Setmayer fired back at the republican’s statement.

“I don’t care,” Setmayer detonated. “Explain to me why Donald Trump wouldn’t apologize taking out full-page ads wanting the death penalty for the Central Park Five? Why wouldn’t he say he was wrong?”

The former Trump aide said quietly,” He felt strongly at the time.”

“He was wrong!” Setmayer exclaimed. “He should’ve come out and condemned the racist comments that Roseanne Barr made, he should of unequivocally and condemned what happened in Charlottesville… He has a history of inflammatory comments!”

As Miller kept trying to vindicate Trump’s actions, Setmayer exploded and said, “He’s created the environment for people that have and share that ilk [racist ideologies] to come out and feel embolden to do it and you know damn well that’s true.”

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