‘It’s Over, Dog’ Angela Rye Unleashes on Jason Miller In Heated On-Air Debate 

CNN analyst Angela Rye refused to back down Thursday as she locked horns with Trump surrogate Jason Miller over President Donald Trump’s “bigoted” immigration policy.

Appearing on “Cuomo Prime Time,” Rye and Miller squared off over Ivanka Trump‘s recent denouncement of her father’s child separation policy at the U.S-Mexico border. Rye blasted Ivanka for calling the contested policy a “low point,” but in the same breath defend it as a punishment for migrants who come to the U.S. illegally.

“You can’t say that [you’re] against separating families and then in the other breath say they shouldn’t be coming here to begin with and they’re going to be separated until they are deported and then they’re parents are deported without them,” she said. “…What do you say to the 463 parents who have been deported without their children? How do you justify that?”

Angela Rye

Angela Rye condemned President Trump’s child separation policy calling it “nonsense” and “ass-backwards.” (CNN / video screenshot)

“This is not right. It is inhumane,” she added.

Miller, a former Trump campaign spokesman, took issue with Rye’s criticism of the policy and labeled her a member of the “open borders crew” who’s against any form of border security.

“Clearly you don’t want to enforce the border laws,” Miller said.

Their debate completely flew off the rails when Rye suggested Trump wasn’t her president, describing his immigration policy as “nonsense” and “ass-backwards.”

“My president?” Miller asked confusingly. “He’s our president.”

“No! Not mine, not mine. I’ll never claim a bigot,” Rye shot back. “Ever!”

“What, are you Canadian? Are you a Canadian citizen?” Miller replied condescendingly.

Rye called out Miller’s cheap shot, saying he had absolutely nothing else to add to the conversation besides accusing her of being Canadian.

‘C’mon dude,” she said. “You’re so afraid for me to get to the comma because the debate ends at the comma, dog. It’s over!”

Watch more in the clip below.


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