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Fans Take Up for Quad Webb-Lunceford After ‘Married to Medicine’ Co-Stars Question Her Lack of Transparency

The women of “Married to Medicine” have continued to wonder why Quad Webb-Lunceford has not leaned on them in the wake of her nasty divorce from Dr. Greg Lunceford. But fans don’t think Miss Quad needs to air out all of her dirty laundry.

On the latest episode of the Bravo series Sunday night, Webb-Lunceford breaks down when Dr. Heavenly Kimes questions why she’s stayed unhappy in her relationship for so long.

“I just deal with s— on my own,” Webb-Lunceford explained in the confessional. “It’s not to shade anybody, it’s not that I’m trying to push someone out of my life. I don’t know how to really go and lean on someone.”

Miss Quad tearfully apologized but asked that her friends be there for her. While the ladies made it clear Webb-Lunceford has them to lean on, Dr. Simone Whitmore pointed out that she “cannot put us on a shelf and play with us on the days you choose to.”

Fans who caught the episode, however, lashed out at the women for wanting Miss Quad to open up about her divorce when she’s not required to do so.

“I still don’t understand WHY these women think Quad is obligated to share ALL her business. That is not how friendship works. People must be allowed to do things on their own time and in their own way! #Married2Med.”

“QUAD is the one going through something; why is it on HER to reach out to THEM!!! Please help me understand!! #Married2Med.”

“When one of your friends has been going through something serious like Quad, you don’t ambush her and bombard her with questions the minute she sits down. #TeamQuad #Married2Med.”

“#Married2Med But @AbsolutelyQuad  gotta give y’all a blow by blow on her marriage in order to prove she’s y’all’s friend?? Come on now – stop. #Messy.”

Those last two tweets got backing from Webb-Lunceford herself, who later called out Bravo for cutting out her response to Whitmore’s remarks. She also alleged the confrontation was a set-up.

“Right, but trust me that ambush was ALL planned boo.”

quad webb lunceford

“You know that’s a bunch of BS! What friend does that to another? Some people will do whatever for tv! #SMD.”

quad webb lunceford

“There was so much more I said after @DrSSWhitmore comments interestingly enough I guess there was not enough time in this week’s episode of #Married2Med to hear my response. #welltheresalwaysreunion.”

quad webb lunceford

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