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Evelyn Braxton and Towanda Braxton Won’t Give Details on Tamar Braxton’s Alleged Molestation, But They Stand By Her Side

Tamar Braxton has the support of her mother, Evelyn Braxton, after the singer revealed her claim she was molested by both sides of her family.

Tamar shared the long-held secret on “The Wendy Williams Show” on Sept. 13, explaining that she felt she was forced to disclose what happened during the Braxton family’s mediation session with Iyanla Vanzant.

“I’ve been battling myself on whether or not I want to say really what happened or not because everybody wants you to be political. … A lot of things happened in my childhood that I was too afraid to talk about or too ashamed to talk about,” Tamar said. “But the truth of the matter is that I have been molested by both sides of my family.

“It’s nothing I’ve ever talked about and I never thought that I would sit around a table with Iyanla, who’s here to talk about me and my sisters and their problems and to bring that up and sex shame me, basically, in front of everybody,” she added.

The “Braxton Family Values” star’s mother made it clear to TMZ Monday, Sept. 24, that Tamar had her support regardless of what may come.

“I’m prepared to stand by Tamar’s side no matter what,” Evelyn says. “It happened within the family and that’s devastating. So that means you have to watch outside of the family and what goes on inside of the family. And can you imagine? It’s devastating for the person that has been dealing with this all of these years.”

Evelyn added that she believes the unnamed accused persons are not worried about her daughter coming forward about her trauma. Instead, she thinks they’re hoping it all gets swept under the rug.

“I feel that … they feel that they’ve done nothing wrong,” she added of the perps. “I don’t care who it is, I’m going to stand by her 100 percent. … Her pain is my pain, how about that?”

It’s not just Evelyn who is speaking out about Tamar’s molestation, either. The star’s older sister Towanda Braxton also spoke out. She echoed her mom’s comments on supporting Tamar.

“She has the right to speak her truth regardless on how long ago it was or who it was, everybody has their truth,” she says before encouraging folks to watch “BFV”‘s “amazing” season finale with Vanzant’s counseling.

“When you’re uncomfortable, that means you’re growing,” she noted of the session. Towanda also agreed that her sister’s admission, which she wouldn’t confirm or deny, was heroic.

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