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Tamar Braxton Shares Video of Her and Eric Benét on New Project and Fans Are Puzzled

Tamar Braxton is hard at work on her new stage play with Snoop Dogg and she’s giving fans a glimpse of a singer who is joining the project. And it quickly launched a discussion among fans.

On Thursday, Sept. 20, Braxton shared that Eric Benét is joining her on Snoop’s play, “Redemption of a Dogg.”

“@ericbenet is in the damn play y’all 🤪 #redemptionofadogg get cha tickets it’s a GOOD one!!” she wrote in the caption of a video with her and her fellow performer.

“This woman right here, you already know how talented she is, but we just did our first table read of the play — I was intimidated,” Benét, sporting a grey beard, glasses and a beanie, said in the clip.

“Well, he’s in ‘Redemption of a Dogg,’ people don’t know that,” Braxton adds.

“We doin’ a damn play and … it’s really touching,” says Benét.

“He’s gonna be singing his face off so you get a concert and a rap show and a play!” Braxton exclaims.

While the clip was eaten up by fans, they also remarked about the “I Wanna Be Loved” singer’s appearance.

“Eric is jacked up- he look a mess.”

“Eric Need to run out to Walgreens and get him some just for men for that beard. He’s looking somebody’s Jamaican grandfather. LOL.. but he can sing his ass off that’s for sure.”

“Why he look so old?”

“Who the hell cracked Eric B in the forehead??”

“What is wrong with Eric’s forehead? It looks like 2 big knots sticking out of his head.”

Braxton first announced her inclusion on Snoop’s play, from award-winning director and producer Je’Caryous Johnson’s, in August.

“So me and uncle @snoopdogg is going on tour😜 singing, acting, rapping and being who we are!!!! Your city will be posted soon! #getchalife🤩 #redemptionofaDog,” Braxton on Instagram at the time.

She’s set to play an angel in the show, which is a sequel to “Set It Off” and follows a man’s journey to keep up his life’s legacy as he navigates between wealth and fame and religion and family.

Benét’s role in the play is not yet publicly known.

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