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Foxy Brown Fires Back at Designer LaQuan Smith’s Claim She Skipped Out on Runway Gig

Foxy Brown has been accused by fashion designer LaQuan Smith of skipping out on her New York Fashion Week performance, but Brown believes otherwise.

Smith alleged the the female rapper refused to perform at his VIP New York Fashion Week Party but ran off with the money that he paid her.

Last week Brown took to her Instagram to share her side of the story. In the post she addressed Smith and said, “LIES💋 @laquan_smith Messy AF! I’m appalled even addressing this fictitious, “FASHION WEEK FAIRYTALE” you’ve concocted to the media!” She continued and said, “As our upper echelon, BLACK SUPER HERO OF FASHION, I’m embarrassed for YOU.knowing, after literally begging us to perform; (you’d deliberately orchestrate erroneous bullshit), in a scandalous attempt to bring discord into MY INCREDIBLE COMEBACK!” She ended her lengthy caption by saying she’s ready to get into legal war with the designer, “I’ve allowed you to bask & twirl, in this fraudulent press. Purposely silenced, as we meticulously prepare for FIERCE LITIGATION!”

Foxy Brown Foxy Brown

On Sunday, Brown offered what she claimed is proof that she did attempt to perform at the party but Smith’s team gave her boots that are to be worn on the same foot. She shared the image to her Instagram and said, “The INFAMOUS “2 LEFT BOOTS” We were given by @laquan_smith’s people!💋” She also said that she never received any payments to run off with, “AND, your BACK END funds never left your account BELOVED. LIES!💋”

Foxy Brown

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