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Fans Chime in After Kevin Hart and Mike Epps Trade Blows Online

It seems the beef between Kevin Hart and Mike Epps has reached a new level.

Last week Hart mentioned Epps during an interview on “The Breakfast Club” when he was defending Tiffany Haddish.

A few days prior, Katt Williams said Haddish wasn’t all that funny and Hart accused him, as well as Epps, of being jealous. Hart also talked about Williams’ career being affected by drug use, which seemed to bother Epps, who eventually responded.

Kevin Hart and Mike Epps Have a Back-and-Forth


“White people love me, and I have everything that a Black man ever dreamed of, but I am mad at you two n—– because some [of] ya’ll don’t like me,” wrote Epps, mocking Hart.

He also wrote his message next to a photo of Samuel L. Jackson’s character in the movie “Django,” where he played a house slave.

“Why everybody don’t like me?” Epps continued. “Everybody is supposed to like me. I am @kevinhart4real. I don’t do drugs. I never drank liquor. Katt and Mike, y’all not good enough. Sorry go back in the field.”

Then on Sunday (Sept. 23), Hart posted a video of himself boxing, and Epps wrote something in the comments section, but it was hard to gather what he was trying to convey because of the typos.

“[None] of that sh– work. I [want] a real fight,” wrote Epps, which Hart responded to.

“What you don’t do is proofread,” he wrote. “Erase it and right it again … OG’s aren’t supposed to troll. Go do something constructive that doesn’t involve watching me or my career for a change. #CrabsInaBarell, #EnvyBringsMajorJealousy.”

Hart’s followers also left comments under the boxing video and some accused Epps of being “obsessed.” Some even told the “Friday After Next” star that Hart would beat him in a fight.

@eppsie, look my boy,” someone wrote. “@kevinhart4real got some hands and will probably TKO any street thug playing.”

You can see the boxing clip below.

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