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Tamar Braxton Says She’s Not Growing Out Her Hair, Strikes Back When Fans Say She’s Unable to

Tamar Braxton is loving the skin she’s in and the little hair she has and she’s not trying to grow any more of it.

The star has been rocking a bald look as of late, usually just growing enough peach fuzz to cover her scalp. She’s embraced the striking hairdo in both her personal and professional life, even proudly going on press tours without hiding under a wig.

So it should come as no surprise that she made this declaration on her Instagram page Thursday, Sept. 20: “I’ll take me….. I’m not growing my hair back🤷🏽‍♀️ i like ME for once!! You should try it!! #nothinglikeit❤️.”

That accompanied a clip of the singer showing off her head, as she sported a big sunglass shield across her face.

Several of Braxton’s followers fawned over the look.

“U rocking it Tamar, i have had short hair forever…i luv it. #short hair don’t care.”

“You are so sexy, no need for hair!”

“U look sexy baby🔥🔥🔥.”

But others bashed the appearance and claimed Braxton wasn’t rocking the look by choice.

“You can’t grow your hair back 😳”

“@sheez_suchasnob Because the edges BEEN gone its ok🤷🏾‍♀️.”

“Being stressed out plus wearing different weaves and wigs will cause your hair to fall out. Believe me I know from experience. Tay can say whatever makes her feel better but It’s not about that style.”

It was the last two comments that drove Braxton to hit reply.

“@fabulousganny @darealterrencedavidson it’s so funny bruh!! These folks have NO idea that i can cut my hair EVERYDAY!!! 😂😂😂😂😂Father forgive them,” she said at first.

tamar braxton

Then, she added, “@meprettyp @darealterrencedavidson 😂😂😂 isn’t it funny that these people think i am balding 😩😩😂😩!! Like straight arguing YOU who cut and do my hair since i was 18😩😩😂😂😂.”

tamar braxton

Even Braxton’s hairstylist, Terrence Davidson, chimed in.

“@fabulousganny and u know from what experience? Lol yall funny with your UNKOWN OPINIONS…..she cuts her hair so many times wen im woth her in 1week. And thats by choice not STRESS NOR WIGS,as matter fact she will cut it 1day n wig it same nite BY CHOICE, WHY BCUZ SHE GROWN AND CAN DO THAT…why would u give your opinion on it anyway ?🤔 OH THAT MADE U FEEL BETTER HUH GANNY..OK

tamar braxton

And fans also stepped in to encourage the star.

“@tamarbraxton you’ll only hear from the haters who don’t have the guts to stop wearing fake hair. Because they don’t know who they are without it or what a man will think about them not having it.”

“F— wat ppl think tamar!!!! Do u . Im learning that now 💗💗💖💖💖@tamarbraxton.”

“Why do people care so much about irrelevant s—! It’s HER head damn! People are so miserable. As long as @tamarbraxton likes what she sees in the mirror is all that really matters💕💕.”

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