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Roseanne Barr Says Black People Are ‘Most Forgiving,’ Generates Mixed Response

Roseanne Barr is once again speaking out about the fallout from the racist tweet she posted about former Barack Obama aide Valerie Jarrett and she is praising her Black friends and family for their forgiving nature.

Roseanne BarrThe comedian went on “The Dr. Oz Show” Tuesday, Sept. 18 to discuss the issue that led to the cancelation of her rebooted show, “Roseanne.” Barr said she tweeted what was meant to be a critique of the Iran nuclear deal that Jarrett helped with. Barr claims the deal is a threat to Israel, which makes it anti-Semitic.

“Muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj,” the comedian tweeted in May. In the months since then, Barr has given several apologies and explanations for why she made the comment.

While many of those explanations have fallen on deaf ears, she said that some people have been in her corner.

“The first people who called me were my African-American family members and comics,” she explained. “They thought it was a joke and were defending free speech when they called me.”

“My experience with African-Americans is they’re the most forgiving people in the world. Their whole culture is very forgiving … they forgave … they continue to improve in this country after the history of this country,” she added at the 1:35 mark referring to slavery.

It was that comment that got folks buzzing online.

“Welp. Not this time, Roseanne. Your black boss over at ABC set you loose, your show rebranded and your character dies. #DrOz.”

“I can’t begrudge her that—we are very forgiving. Either that or we collectively have very short memories.”

“Not this time bish!”

“Because we afraid white Jesus might not accept us in his heaven. Smh.”

“I’m sorry but she can go jump off a bridge, like right now! I don’t forgive her raggedy ass! 🙄.”

“We are some forgiving dumb asses.”

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