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Tamar Braxton Slammed After Posting Message About ‘Waiting on the World to Change’

Tamar Braxton is “waiting on the world to change,” but followers say it’s she who needs to change.

“Waiting on the world to change in my @fashionnova favorite jeans 🙏🏽 📸: @whoiswarrenwhite,” read the caption on the Saturday, Sept. 15 post.

Tamar Braxton


But lots of fans thought Braxton should heed those words rather than waiting on everyone else to change.

“Tamar you need to own up to the things you did and said to Tracy especially when you were the one ignoring her on the set of your movie and saying you didn’t want to tour with her. Own up to your mess.”

“Well you gone be waiting @fashionova 🤣 the world not gone change how about you change back into the beautiful soul you once were before your lil fame🤷‍♀️ like Bernie Mac would say.. I ain’t made at cha’😗❤🥂”

“What happened with the internal makeover?”

“Don’t expect what you aren’t willing to give. Change is a two way street. You get what you give.”

Still, several fans had the star’s back.

“People have so much to say about Tamar but she’s who she is and suppose to be. Loud, dramatic and not ashamed to be exactly who she is. I have been a fan forever and love every eye roll, every lip smack and every side eye. She don’t play by nobody rules and I think that’s a good thing. TUH!!!!.”

“All the haters out there need to get a life. Stop with the trash talkin’ about my girl Tamar.. She is a real person. She hasn’t changed not one bit. So smack on that haters!!!”

“@tamarbraxton saw you on Wendy and I loved the interview. Don’t pay attention to all the haters stay blessed. I truly enjoy watching you on TV sis, please come back to daytime or radio. Your voice needs to be heard and we’re listening! Love you 😘”

The singer has come under fire lately for her behavior. During a clip of Iyanla’s Vanzant’s “Fix My Life,” the host asked the Braxton family, “Tell me what’s going on?” When Tamar responded, “That’s what I was saying,” Vanzant quickly interrupted her “No. Your behavior diminishes your message. I’m not gonna participate in this.”

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