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Malaysia Pargo Flooded with Compliments After Boldly Stripping Off Makeup, Weave In New Photo

Basketball Wives” veteran Malaysia Pargo flaunted a flawless no-weave-no-makeup look on Instagram earlier this week. Pargo shared a carefree photo after taking out her braids. “Why did🤦🏽‍♀️I take my braids down… @nikkrokkshair help🤦🏽‍♀️ the Natural Hair whisper. lol”

Malaysia PargoFans commented on Pargo on her natural glow, “Naturally Beautiful”, “Be the natural beauty you are!!! Very pretty”, “Natural Beauty.”

More fans added that the reality star looked good without weave and makeup, “No need for weave. U have beautiful hair @malaysiainthecity ..but I understand it’s very convenient 😍”, “Beautiful @malaysiainthecity……#natural beauty”, “Yes boo u have pretty hair😍😍.”

Other fans continued to compliment Pargo, “this is true beauty, what God has blessed you with……..MELANIN BEAUTY💕”, “U are so Beautiful always❤”, “Omg beautiful I can’t imagine the upkeep all the hair I love it 😍”

Fans seem to really appreciate Pargo flexing in her own skin versus the negative opinions her page IG page was bombarded with over her birthday look. In August, Pargo had a Moroccan-themed birthday bash and rocked a colorful wife. While Pargo appeared to be having the time of her life, some fans were not too keen on her look. “She looks a whole mess,” one fan said. Another fan said, “She is a beautiful woman. But the wigs is no go. She needs a stylist for her wardrobe. Happy birthday, twerk harder lol. Sometimes she get it. Most times she don’t since u got thicker like a snicker. Well, enjoy.”

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