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Akon Explains Why Bringing Electricity and His Akoin Cryptocurrency to Africa is Important for the Future

Earlier this year, Akon talked about launching his own cryptocurrency called Akoin, which he spoke more about during a new interview. The singer also explained why people should invest and he said if they don’t, it’ll be a huge mistake.

“So what you’re investing in is the future of Africa when you invest in Akoin,” he said. “I realized that this crypto is going to be the future in currency. I just watch how things changed drastically in time to digital.”

Akon Talked About His Cryptocurrency Akoin in New Interview


Akon then talked about how buying and selling has changed throughout the generations, and he said the progression won’t stop with the dollar.

He explained how people first bartered whatever they could, then they started using gold and after that paper money, which like many other things these days will eventually go digital.

“Crypto is going to become the next digital currency, so if you don’t invest in that now, if you don’t see that coming, you’re a fool,” warned Akon.

Elsewhere in the interview, Akon talked about bringing more electricity to Africa through the use of solar power. It’s something he’s been discussing for quite some time, and the idea came to him after a performance.

“We were trying to do concerts in certain parts of Africa, but we couldn’t’ do it because there was no electricity,” he explained. “And there was an area where there was electricity but when we went to go do the concert, before the second song even came on, all the lights went out. And that’s when I was like ‘Man, something’s gotta give here.’ And that’s what triggered it.”

But Akon said there’s another reason he wants to bring more power to the continent, and it has to do with reasons that hit a little closer to home.

“But then wanting to go visit your grandparents and where they’re living there’s no electricity, then you really want to do something,” he explained.

You can listen to Akon talk about his cryptocurrency below at the 7:11 mark and his “Lighting Africa Initiative” at 12:11.

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