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T.I. Gets Shamed for Having a ‘Dad Body’ and the Rapper Hits Back

It’s safe to say that women get body shamed every day on social media, especially female celebrities. But it happens to men too. 

T.I., for example, recently posted a photo of himself and said that people have been criticizing the way he looks. The rapper also told his followers that he plans to do something about it.

“Uh oh,” wrote Tip, next to a shirtless photo of himself performing on stage. “These m——- called be dad bod. We back on.”

From there, some of his followers seemed glad that he was trying to get in better shape, while others said it’s not necessary. 

“You can do it,” one person wrote.

“I like the belly,” wrote another.

Tip’s response to being body shamed comes four months after Kanye West said he was afraid of going through the same thing.

It was during his infamous TMZ visit when he admitted to getting liposuction. West said he did it to thwart negative comments about his weight gain, since the media gave his brother in law Rob Kardashian such a hard time about his size.

In regards to the T.I. photo, there was also someone who criticized his outfit, and said he needs to dress more age appropriate. In the picture, “The Rubberband Man” is sporting jeans below his waistline, a do-rag and a couple of gold chains.

But someone else came to his defense and said these days it’s fine to dress any way you want to, no matter what age.

“First he’s 37,” someone wrote. “Just ‘cause you want your men dressing like Steve Urkel don’t mean we all got to. Obviously, it’s not old and tired if a lot of people still do it. Don’t hate.”

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