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Bow Wow Admits To Past Drug Addicton: ‘I Was Doing It To Be Cool’

Bow Wow just admitted that he used to be addicted to Lean, the drink made of cough syrup, soda and at times candy.

He revealed the news to his fans in light of the death of Mac Miller, the Pittsburgh rapper who died of an overdose last week at age 26. Bow said he wants the younger ones to leave drugs alone, which is why he’s being so forthcoming.

Bow Wow Says He Was Addicted to Lean


“To the youth, stop with these dumbass drugs,” he wrote. “I’m going to let something out. When me and Omarion worked on ‘Face Off’ album, I was high off Lean everyday. When y’all saw me on BET going off on Torae I was high off Lean. My attitude, everything changed. My fans started to turn on me, my family too.”

“Go back and watch the ‘Faceoff’ show BET gave us,” he added. “Look how dumb I looked, my ranting. I was angry everyday. They try to protect the truth by saying I was dehydrated. Naw bro, I was high off promethazine codeine.”

The 31-year-old then said that he was drinking Lean seven times a day when he was on tour with Chris Brown, but it all ended once he passed out backstage and landed in the hospital. 

“I never felt a pain like that ever,” admitted Bow Wow. “It was summer but I was walking around with three hoodies on, because I was so cold. I missed the Chicago show of that tour [and the] Baltimore show, because I was f—ing high and sick. That sh– is not cool, and I was doing it to be cool.”

To this day, Bow said his stomach is still affected by all the Lean, and he encouraged parents to have frank conversations with their kids about drugs.

Towards the end of Bow’s tweets, he told the younger ones to think of their future and to stay away from drugs trends.

“Drug free is the way to be,” he tweeted. “Smarten up. Tighten up out here. We can’t lose no more of you. Not one. I love y’all. The young artist, all the kids around the world, don’t follow a trend. Break the cycle.”

Afterward, many left positive comments on Bow’s page and thanked him for his words. They also expressed their take on drugs and how it’s often attached to music and youth culture.

“Thank you for sharing,” one person tweeted. “Hope it reaches somebody going through it.”

“So many good souls lost to stupidity and numbing the pain that everyone goes through,” one person wrote. “The youth has to find another fix, something positive. Drugs ain’t sh–.”

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