Wendy Williams Takes Dig at 50 Cent After He Made Fun of Her for Fainting on Air

Wendy Williams is firing back at 50 Cent after he made fun of her when she fainted on her talk show last fall.

During a Sept. 4 stop at “DeDe In the Morning” in Dallas, Williams addressed the moment that launched a thousand memes online. While taping a live Halloween special for her show, the self-described thoroughbred passed out in her Statue of Liberty costume, resulting in an audible gasp from the audience.

K104 host DeDe McGuire asked Williams if she knew about the online images that were produced after the talk show host’s health scare. She also asked Williams if she knew about the comments 50 made.

As he promoted his BET show “50Central” at the time, the MC made several thinly veiled references to Williams’ fainting spell, which Williams said occurred due to overheating.

“Happy Halloween Catch 50Central tomorrow night at 10:30 PM, I’m gonna overheat in my costume. LOL #50centralbet” he said in one Instagram post.

In another, he said, “What is this‍♂️it just looks like bad acting to me. LOL she said she overheated in her costume. #50centralbet.”

And in yet another message the rapper said, “Wendy Williams just told me to get my life together, smh ‍♂️ your husband is not a bad man. He deserve a side chick for talking to you, you ugly motherfucker Focus on your own s— b—- Oh yeah, we in club LUST tonight you’re invited. LOL.”

When asked about 50’s comments Williams promptly snaps, “Might have been her.”

The dig is a reference to Williams implying 50 is gay when he had a beef with rapper Papoose over his wife Remy Ma.

“Pap, everyone knows that you and Rem are thicker than thieves, nobody’s checking for 50 like that. Does he still like gir…,” the host said on her show last season before preparing her tea.

McGuire then openly mused that there had been a war brewing between Williams and 50, but Williams quickly shut down that talk.

“Wars are two sides,” she says. “I’m going into my 10th season. I’m very happy over here.”

Even still, 50 Cent had claimed to have made up with Williams in January.

“So, here we are backstage … It was time for me to make up with Wendy Williams,” 50 said on a now-deleted Instagram post. “I know everybody’s like ‘What?’ Me and Wendy Williams, we making up. And everything is gonna be cool from now on. We might as well kiss and make up. Wendy’s cool.”


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