Steve Harvey’s Throwback Post on How White and Black People React to Getting Fired Is Hilarious

Steve Harvey is back at it with another throwback post, and as usual he’s comically breaking down the differences between how white people and Black people act.

This time, Harvey is explaining how white people react to getting fired versus how Black people respond when they’re handed the pink slip.

“When you fire white people, they don’t ever see it comin’,” he says in the YouTube clip from his 1990s comedy special.

“What are ya’ talkin’ about? What are ya, nuts? For crying out loud! For Pete’s sake!” he says, mimicking his version of a white guy.

“Oh, they got a list of s— they go down when they think they ass is gone,” Harvey continued in his own voice. “‘Cause they can’t believe they gettin’ fired.”

Harvey added that Black people simply figure time is up on their jobs “any day now.”

The comic went on to share the story of how his boss at one of his 10 or 11 old jobs fired a white co-worker and what happened when he fired a Black co-worker.

When Tom, Harvey’s boss who was white, calls his white employee Bob to his office and lets him go, Harvey says Bob expresses disbelief throughout.

“Oh, oh, Jesus,” Bob says. “Oh, Tom, what am I gonna do? What about the mortgage? What about the children’s college fund? Oh, father God.”

Yet when Tom fires Willie, Harvey’s Black co-worker, emotions were heightened.

“What evaluation?!” Willie exclaims when Tom begins to break the news. “I ain’t seen no goddamn evaluation! When did you have the evaluation? I wasn’t there for it! Did you post it on the board in the cafeteria?!”

Ultimately, Willie was taken out of the office in handcuffs surrounded by security, but the only thing the ex-employee cared about was getting his check that day.

Fans who watched Harvey’s belly laugh-inducing bit cracked up in the comments.

“I so love Steve Harvey I could watch his comedy all day 😂😂😂😂.”

“I first watched this stand up show years ago. This is what you call funny and proves Steve Harvey is one of the best comedians ever. This is timeless.”

“I was rollin my ass off watchin this video!! Ain’t no way in hell I woulda been able to handle it bein in that audience live 😂😂😂👏👏👏 #Steve.”


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