Kandi Burruss May Have Gotten on Porsha Williams’ Last Nerve According to a New IG Post

Porsha Williams just posted a telltale sign that things aren’t going well for her on a “Real Housewives of Atlanta” girls trip and fans speculate tempers have flared between her and Kandi Burruss.

Williams posted a meme of an irritated Beyoncé covering her mouth with her hand on Friday, Sept. 7. The post read, “When you only got one nerve left.”

“Mood,” Williams captioned the image, which was uploaded during a visit to Tokyo.

Porsha Williams

Several fans leveled with the RHOA star.

“I feel you sis.”

“Me today with a customer 😩”

“Lol.. ikr! ONE NERVE…”

And other fans of the show speculated tempers have flared between Williams and Burruss.

“Kandi happened…”

“Kandi prolly crying again.”

“I can hear Kandi voice crackin’.”

“Kandi long trout mouth prolly startin shyt with Pwilly….dnt let them run u off this time.”

“Is Kandi there? Or is she going later? That’s my girl I really need answers.”

Additionally, some speculated that Williams may be taking issue with the Magic City event Burruss been teasing as of late, which fans think is tied to the rumor that Burruss wanted to take advantage of Williams in a sex dungeon.

“Something must have happened on the trip already😂 Or she might be upset that Kandi’s promoting her sex dungeon today.”

“Kandis sex dungeon… Porsha bringing that to us….the correlation..the shade…”well if I wasn’t for u damn Porsha, I wouldn’t even be doing a damn dungeon event” That’s Kandi 🤣🤣🤣🤣.”

Fans first began noticing something was up between the RHOA cast members when Williams unfollowed Burruss on Instagram in August. Williams had also appeared to delete a photo of her and Burruss posing at Todd Tucker’s birthday party. That came after Burruss had posted on her own Instagram page a month before that the pair was “cool again.” But just a few days after Williams made her move, Burruss returned the favor and unfollowed Williams too.


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