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Ciara’s New Flawless Selfie Has Fans Raving About Her Beauty

Ciara casually dropped an effortlessly beautiful photo to her Instagram, and fans cannot stop complimenting her. The singer is seen with long, wavy black hair and subtle makeup.


CiCi received praises calling her a black beauty.

“Wow yaaass gorgeous queen slaaay #blackgirlmagic Absolutely brilliant.”

A couple of fans commented about Ciara being the total package.

“Beautiful @ciara spiritual and physically ❤️”

“Im tellin ya @ciara you have the perfect bone structure”

More fans just could not get over her beauty


“Queen you are all ive been listening to lately.. I love you 💘”

“Ciara U Look Amazing”

“So beautiful”

Beyond her beauty, life has been great for the “Level Up” singer. Just this week her and her children Sienna Wilson and Future Wilburn made an adorable video for her husband Russell Wilson. Ciara and the kids congratulated the Seattle Seahawks quarterback for being on the Wheaties cereal box cover. She said in the video, “It is an exciting day for our household.” She continued, “Russ, we are so proud of you. He’s on the cover of Wheaties. It’s historic, it’s amazing. … We love you.”

The quarterback spoke in an interview about the singer being a phenomenal mother. “She’s the best mother,” he said. He continued, “She reminds me of my mom. Just how much love she gives to our kids, and to people in general. I’m a warm-hearted person, I think, but when I met her and got to be around her more and more, she made me better. That’s what you want in love, someone who can make you better.”

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