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Kandi Burrus Daughter Riley Sends Haters a Message as She Flaunts Her Luxurious Birthday Gift

Riley Burruss showed off her thin frame and custom-made Porche on her haters. Riley received a $100,000 car from her mom Kandi Burruss for her 16th birthday last month. She recently posted a stunning photo with her car in the background with the caption, ““How your jacket say Porsche and you never rode a Porsche?” – @nickiminaj”

Kandi Burruss

The caption is a lyric taken from Nicki Minaj’s song LLC off her new ‘Queen Album.’ Fans swarmed Rilez comments boosting her ego, “Sauce on them Riley”, “Live out loud Riles!!! Your mother works hard and from the looks of it you’re working hard!! Congrats! 🎉 .I didn’t know these were song lyrics forgive me for being old lol—yet I LOVED the caption!!!”, “You look like you deserve what you want.”

Some fans commented on how much Riley looks like her mom, “Looking just like your beautiful mom @kandi hbd rilez”, “Thought the first pic was a tbt of kandi lol”, “Looking like your mother… beautiful”

Last month Riley was very excited to receive her glamorous dream car. Kandi said, “I had to surprise my baby girl @rileyburruss today with her car.” She continued, “Her #Sweet16 is tomorrow but I figured she would be super surprised & not expecting anything if it was the day before her bday. I put the nickname that @nickiminaj gave her on the floor when you open the car door. #Rilez.”

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