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Issa Rae Epically Claps Back at Melania Trump After FLOTUS Press Secretary Shades ‘Insecure’

Issa Rae isn’t here for First Lady Melania Trump’s support of her HBO show “Insecure.”

The star and creator of the series recently made that clear in a tweet that came after her Glamour magazine profile dropped.

In the write-up for Rae’s October cover story, she explained her surprise that former First Lady Michelle Obama genuinely watched the show. She also added that if Trump was an “Insecure” fan, she’d be ready to pull the plug.

“She had just finished watching the finale, and she was like, ‘That fakeout — how could you do that? I thought you and Lawrence were going to live happily ever after.’ I was like, ‘You really watch it?’ She was like, ‘Yes. Sasha and Malia put me on to it,’” Rae told the publication. “It was like talking to my auntie. It bums me out that I will never have that feeling again of the First Family fucking with us so hard and getting us. If Melania [Trump] said that to me, I would be like, ‘Well, I guess it’s canceled. We’re not making this show. It’s not ours anymore.’ ”

In what seemed to be an attempt to get “Insecure” off the air, FLOTUS’ press secretary and communications director Stephanie Grisham tweeted Wednesday, Sept. 5, “Alert: FYI @IssaRae, @FLOTUS likes your show!”

In response, Rae held nothing back, writing, “Melania or the double?” The reply is a reference to a theory that the first lady has a body double handling her public persona.

Rae’s Twitter supporters loved it.

“Issa I fully support the shade you rendered.”

“I just took a quick break and you have ended me for the day😩😩”

“Omg I love Issa.”

“Oh!! The shade!! Lol”

“I love this song.”

Others made reference to the idea that Rae may have to cancel the hit series after that.

“Man I hate I’ll never get to see the rest of the story seeing as how you have to cancel it! 😔”

“Just another Hollywood type who talks big, but never backs it up with the action they claim they’ll do.”

“Haha guess you gotta cancel the show? Hehehe.”


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