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What ‘Bobby Brown Story’ Exposed about His Relationship with Janet Jackson — and What Was Left Out

“The Bobby Brown Story” premiered on BET Tuesday night, and in one of the most-talked-about scenes the New Edition member’s relationship with Janet Jackson is revealed.

One scene saw the couple get into it after a romp in the sack, with Bobby Brown, portrayed by Woody McClain, fighting with Cree Davis’ Jackson about the singer’s apparent disinterest in dating a Black man or a dark-skinned man. Brown even got a dig in about Jackson’s marriage to James DeBarge, whom she wed in 1984.

Brown ultimately told Jackson, “You too good to be in my room, then you can get the hell out of here!” But an even more telling version of events played out in the memoir upon which the show is based.

In the “My Prerogative” singer’s 2016 New York Times best-seller “Every Little Step: My Story,” he reveals he threw Jackson out of his hotel room in the nude.

The book also alleges she couldn’t get serious with Brown because he’s Black.

“Janet told me she loved me, but she wasn’t ‘in love’ with me. Her friends had already told me that her father didn’t want her to be with a Black man,” Brown says in his book. “Then, Janet confirmed this. ‘Yeah, my father won’t allow me to be with a Black man.’ … I exploded. Cursing the whole time. I pulled her out of the bed and pushed her out of the room, naked.”

Fans watching the show at home made their thoughts on the matter known.

“Bobby was smashing thick Janet? Pleasure Principle Janet?? #BobbyBrownBET”

“Wait a damn minute Bobby Brown dated Janet Jackson!!!”

“So … Bobby Brown was really out here smashing Janet Jackson??? The Janet Jackson???? Penny from Good Times Janet Jackson?!”

“Janet Jackson probably at home whispering her ass off about this!”


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