Safaree Samuels Gets Sexually Harassed During Labor Day Parade

Love and Hip Hop Hollywood” star Safaree Samuels found himself the victim of sexual harassment recently when a fan repeatedly asked to touch his penis.

The rapper posted a clip of himself making his way through a crowd during what appears to be the annual West Indian Day Parade in Brooklyn, N.Y. on Monday, Sept. 3.

“Lemme touch your d—! Lemme touch your d—!” a fan repeatedly shouts as she races up to the star.

“I’m a Rockstar ⭐️ Pretty much this was my day in a nutshell 🤦🏾‍♂️,” Samuels wrote in the caption of the video. “I use to be able to walk in peace 😩🤦🏾‍♂️ Weh di bumboclawttt wowwwww #safaree #stuntgang #wehdibumboclaatt.”

The eagerness to get handsy with Samuels stems from his leaked nudes, which emerged online back in February. At the time, tons of women on the internet had something to say about the photo, appearing to be just as thirsty as the overzealous fan in the IG video. Radio DJ Charmlamagne Thagod called out the encounter. “SMH. You getting sexually harassed’

“Suddenly #safaree music not sounding too bad,” one Twitter user said last winter.

“I’m sorry for roasting you Safaree I didn’t know, WE didn’t know,” another tweeted.

Fans commenting on Samuel’s current post wanted the woman to give Samuels some space.

“Damn thirsty and desperate chick. Let the man be smh.”

“#MEtoo Not touch you but that’s harassment not to mention tacky asf. Smfh! Be careful out there these bishes are insane and may try to rip it off, smh ‘member Jackie Wilson?”

“@gibbydakid 🤦🏻‍♀️ What respectable female screams out in the middle of the street: ‘let me touch your…’ Dang, I’m team @iamsafaree too & also saw the pic.; but can’t ever be that thirsty.”

“Oh hell no. I would have to yell security for her ass she sounds crazy af…. Guards Guards mama dee voice.”

Others found the clip humorous.

“LMFAO I’m crying.”

“Lolollllllol this tickled me.”

“Hahahahaha I’m dead 😂😂😂😂.”

“Lmfaoooo 😂😂😂.”

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