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Dr. Dre, Xzibit Sued For Breach Of Contract With Their Weed Company

California hip-hop veterans Dr. Dre and Xzibit are being sued for breach of contract by three people who invested in their cannabis company “Brass Knuckles.”

According to TMZ, the three people, who remain anonymous for legal reasons, claim they were undercut “time, money and hard work.” The lawsuit contends that Dre and X shortchanged the investors after agreeing to give them 14.5 percent stake in their marijuana business.

The company was originally valued at $50 million and apparently, minority stakes were given out at $5 million, but months later when it was determined that the company was actually worth $170 million, the plaintiffs said the owners had amnesia about the deal.

The attorney for the plaintiffs Larry Ecoff, tells TMZ his clients were “essentially kicked to the curb after the higher valuation, and this case is all about greed and weed.”

Dre’s lawyer Howard King said the lawsuit has no “allegations of anything done by [Dre] that would justify naming him as a defendant,” and that doing so “is nothing more than a blatant and short-sighted attempt by the plaintiffs to generate publicity for their cause.”

Xzibit posted his response on Twitter: “I have 2 partners in the ownership of Brass Knuckles. Andre Young is not one of them. Please stop spreading false information. I realize desperation makes one do desperate things, but there is only one thing that matters. The Truth.”💯



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