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Fans Jump to Malaysia Pargo’s Defense After Folks Leave Rude Comments About Her Kids

Malaysia Pargo shared a sweet photo of she and two children on Monday, but things quickly went left after naysayers commented negative remarks.

The “Basketball Wives of L.A.” celeb took to Instagram and uploaded a picture of she and her family taking a selfie in the car. It was clearly an adorable moment of Pargo with her twins who were grinning from ear-to-ear. The star captioned the image, “The best selfie on this Page..đź’–đź’‹.”

Malaysia Pargo

(photo credit: Malaysia’s Instagram)

However, critics flooded Pargo’s comment section with “disrespectful” words and trashed the picture.

“With no disrespect… correct me if I’m wrong your children are a reflection of you right? So why do you have perfect teeth and your children are not in braces I believe they are of age,” one naysayer said.

Another person said, “These must’ve been Malaysia’s real genes comin out n her kids before she got all that cosmetic work done.”

Fans quickly came to Pargo and her kids’ rescue in the comment section after slamming naysayers for their nasty remarks.

“It’s really sickening to see the comments that people are leaving about her kids.. Smh.. People really need a reality check! Mind you these are innocent children that your speaking on.. smh,” one fan wrote.

“Wtf is wrong with you miserable mfs coming on her page and saying some disrespectful things about children that’s sick… those are some beautiful kids all kids are beautiful in there own way,” another added.

“Ya’ll hating on kids, so miserable. This is a beautiful pic of a mom and her kids. Show love, stop the hate.”

“Ya’ll are wilding right now. Ya’ll are talking about innocent kids that sis nothing to you all. These kids are PERFECT! Leave them alone. Malaysia you did a great job!! They are beautiful❤.”

Pargo shares a son and her two twins with former husband and NBA player Jannero Pargo.

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