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Tomi Lahren’s Attempt to Attack Security Guard Comes Back to Bite Her

Conservative firebrand Tomi Lahrens criticism of a Texas security guard has fans completely fed up with her whiny diatribes.

In a recent segment of “Final Thoughts,” Lahren ranted about video of a female security guard who refused to help a cop struggling to subdue robbery suspect Davon Shavelle Miller, 17. The teen, who fled the scene, was pulled over because the car he was driving was reportedly connected to an aggravated robbery and shooting, Fox Insider reported.

Even after the officer caught up with Miller, tackling him to the ground, the guard failed to step in and instead recorded the incident with her cellphone.

“The guard just stands there!” Lahren exclaimed. “The officer repeatedly cries out for help as the suspect resists arrest and appears to grab not only his handcuffs, but possibly his gun. And she just stands there with her phone.”

“This is a symptom of what happens when some on the left and in the mainstream media glorify cellphone social justice warriors and advance the narrative of police brutality,” she added. “This is what our officers have to deal with on a daily basis.”

Her rant against the security guard seemed to ruffle a few fans’ feathers, however.

“While I agree with most everything you say, I am really sick and tired of how you conduct yourself,” one person wrote. “Are you capable of reporting your thoughts without going on a whiny diatribe?? In my opinion, you are just stooping to the left’s low level intellect when you constantly berate others and raise your voice, throwing these hysterical temper tantrums.”

“I agree with your stance on most topics, but if you want to attract a bigger audience, I’d be best if you put a little less emotion in what you argue,” another fan chimed in.

Another person pointed out that there were already two officers on the suspect and that the female guard likely didn’t have enough training to step in.

“Ha, I’m sure you would of ran after the suspect if he got away, huh?” they commenter wrote.

The security officer in the video reportedly has been fired.

Watch more in the video below.

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