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Kim Kardashian Slammed For New Makeup Campaign that Is Seemingly Similar to Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty

Kim Kardashian‘s new addition to her makeup line KKW beauty gets slammed for being very similar to Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty campaign.

Kardashian shared an ad campaign on her Twitter promoting her new lip gloss “Ultralight Beam.” The advertisement depicts a black model with gapped teeth putting on lip gloss. The caption to the video said “#UltralightBeams in Peach
Available Friday, 8/31 at 12PM PST!! Learn more at http://KKWBEAUTY.COM  @kkwbeauty.”

Rihanna fans quickly swarmed the reality star’s comments claiming that she stole the grammy-award winner’s campaign style. The fans said using a gap-toothed model for cosmetics was something that Rihanna popularized.

A fan said that the Kardashian clan is always stealing Rihanna’s creativity. “They really be looking at Rih for EVERIHTHING huh.”

Another fan said that they couldn’t tell if it was Fenty Beauty or KKW cosmetics.

“We all thought this was fenty beauty 😂.”

More fans continued to call Kardashian out on her ad.

“So ya’ll found ya’ll own girl with a gap”

“Always copying others seems they don’t have originality”

“Riri did it first”

“Why can’t Rihanna have ANYTHING before y’all start copying?”

This isn’t the first time Kardashian has been accused of stealing a fashion idea. This January she posted photos of herself wearing a braided style that is well known in the Black community, but Kardashian credited it to actress Bo Derek. The reality star gave credit for her West African hairstyle named Fulani braids to the actress. This outraged lead fans to educate Kardashian on her hair style.

One fan said, “It’s not cultural appreciation when Kim Kardashian fights tooth and nail to avoid crediting the Black women who inspire her looks/aesthetic/hairstyles.”

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