Fans Pressure Shaunie O’Neal to Fire Evelyn Lozada from ‘Basketball Wives’

“Basketball Wives” head honcho Shaunie O’Neal has fans flocking to her comments and outraged that Evelyn Lozada is still apart of the show.

O’Neal shared a meme to her Instagram page that said, “No one is obligated to sit around and wait for you to be sure about whether or not you wanna build with them. If someone else shows up with their tool belt while you’re contemplating showing up to work – you can’t be upset if the position is no longer available to you.” While the quote was meant to be motivational, fans decided to voice their frustrations about the show.

Shaunie O'Neal

Viewers seem to find Evelyn Lozada disingenuous and don’t want her on the show anymore.

A fan wrote, “@shaunieoneal5 after WACTHING the show Evelyn is evil u told her u ain’t get Jen coming Evelyn don’t have no respect for you or what you say & I’m gald Tami stayed back just so u can see how nasty Evelyn is she is not your friend to not respect your mind.”

Another wrote, “Welp! @shaunieoneal5is only concerned about making money. Evilyn’s racist remarks were condoned by production. An utter uproar would have happened if @cecegutierrez4 made a similar remark. The way they treated Cece was disgusting. Shaunie’s reply to your comment just proved her unbothered disposition. And, that’s pathetic.”

Some fans even injected politics into the discussion, with one writing, “My first season watching @shaunieoneal5 and I actually liked it until @evelynlozada said that about Cece…. such a shame you didn’t correct Evelyn for saying something so awful! I would be disgusted regardless of who used the racial slur. A shame that you didn’t even address it!! Good to know Donald Trump and his BS racism has made such an unfortunate impact on all of our lives!”

Fans are ticked off about the August 26 episode of the show because Lozada called fellow cast member CeCe Gutierrez “Lee-Lee.” Another cast member Malaysia Pargo explained that “Lee-Lee” is a slang for Asian nail technicians. Viewers believe that Lozada used it as a racial slur against Gutierrez. The reality star has apologized for the remark, but fans are still mad.




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