Folks Brutally Roast Joseline Hernandez After She Tries to Clown Janet Jackson’s Hairstyle

Former “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” celeb Joseline Hernandez poked fun at dance icon Janet Jackson and social media users weren’t too happy.

Hernandez is known for her shady behavior, but fans often laugh it off. However, it was a different scenario when the reality star insulted “Miss Jackson.” A popular Instagram platform posted a photo of Jackson walking the red carpet at the “Black Girls Rock” annual award show. The “Rhythm Nation” artist wore a navy blue and Black gown with her hair styled in a high bun.

The “Puerto Rican Princess” made her way into the comment section under the photo and wrote, “My bad I had to use the potty 😂😂😂😂.” She also added, “I’ve never laughed this hard in my life 😩.”

Needless to say Jackson fans didn’t find Hernandez’s shady remarks funny at all and completely dragged the reality star in the comments.

“Anything other than your music career should NOT be that funny to you 💯,” one person wrote.

Another person added, “Ur so disrespectful.. Go back to riding poles… that’s all ur good for.”

“I’m sure Janet laughed just as hard at your last album sales.”

“Go do your child’s hair and then laugh you goofy clown.”

“Don’t go and ruin your career even more now… we laugh hard at YOU all the time.”

One of the musician’s fans commented, “We laughted even harder at u an Stevie fake marriage 😂😂 I still 💕 u tho boo 😂.”

Hernandez is known for making ‘shady’ comments. She was slammed by Nicki Minaj fans after she hit the rapper with fighting words in July. The reality celeb tweeted, “When you show your true colors….everyone is the music game told me they can’t stand you or work with you…and I always took your side. But you a flaw b**ch Nikki. Don’t say shit to me. You know what you did.”

The Latin star is set to premier back on reality television later this year on We TV.

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