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Tamron Hall Is “Queen of the Universe” and Fans are Here for It

Tamron Hall is declaring she’s a queen. The former NBC anchor shared a photo of her chilling on the couch with her dog on her lap holding a coffee mug that read “Queen of the f#!&king Universe.” Hall wrote in the post, “#MondayMotivation: #OfficialMayLuv let me borrow her coffee mug 😂. Have a good day y’all. 👍🏾 Emails, Conf calls, meetings oh my. #WorkClothes #Monday”

Tamron Hill

Fans were feeling the talk show host’s Monday motivation mug.

“That mug and shirt! 👍” “That mug!!… it just as much as YOU!!”

“Girl I love your cup!!!” “Definitely my queen! 😘”

“I’m gonna need this mug, dog, and T-shirt for Christmas 🙋🏾‍♀️”

“I SSSOOOOOO need this mug!!!! Wherever did u find it? Please share”

Hall isn’t new to showing off her queen status. After abruptly leaving NBC, many were concerned if Hall would land on her feet. However, earlier this month Hall shared the good news that she’s signed a deal with Disney ABC. “I’m so thrilled to partner with Disney ABC to create a daytime television show that’s unconventional, fun, intimate and sometimes even raw,” she told Deadline at the time.

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