Reginae Carter’s Act of Kindness Overshadowed By Naysayers

Young socialite Reginae Carter and her boyfriend rapper YFN Lucci teamed up to host their first  “Back to School Field Day.” The duo gave away backpacks filled with supplies to support grade school students in Atlanta. The event was held at Grant Park Recreation Center near the Zoo. Hundreds of families enjoyed field games, free food and fun. Carter posted a photo of the event with the caption ‘Yesterday was an amazing day! I wanna thank everyone for coming out and supporting ❤️#giving back.” Carter’s act of kindness was overshadowed by the fact that she was wearing sunglasses inside the building.

“Sis getting beat on by her man tryna cover it up 😂😂🤦🏾‍♀️”

“Lmao nah nae why did you have those glasses on?”

“I just thought the 👓 was a lil odd, but then the people talkn bout you hiding something.”

“These shades tho lol”

“You in a whole gym room Lucci must of blacked yo shit fr😂😂”

Other fans quickly came to Carter’s rescue.

“I’m trying to figure out why is domestic violence a joke to yall…black people are really something else y’all get mad when white people tear us down when your tearing each other down it’s just sad.”

“in her last pic, it look like she had either pink eye or a blood vessel popped THATS WHY SHE GOT ON SHADES”

“Maybe she just had her eyes dilated, a sty or pink eye! Maybe she just had LASIK!!”

The hateful comments continued to pour even though the 19-year-old brought attention to the eye the day before. Her caption said, “Dis eye ain’t stopping my selfie game 🤷🏾‍♀️.” Although it may be unclear what happened to her eye, her loyal fans shut down rumors of domestic violence.


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