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Azealia Banks Says Nicki Minaj Used Colorism Against Lil’ Kim and Some Agree

Azealia Banks said Nicki Minaj is getting some of her own treatment.

She gave that theory while commenting on the seeming tension between Nicki and Cardi B, and then she went into Nicki’s beef with Lil’ Kim.

Azealia Banks Says Nicki Minaj Used Colorism Against Lil' Kim


According to Banks, Nicki used colorism to bully Kim, while at the same time tried to be an uplifting voice for Black women.

Banks also said the “Ganja Burns” rapper hasn’t been the same since Cardi’s “Invasion of Privacy” album went No. 1.

Plus, despite their being a new crop of female rappers in hip-hop these days, Azealia pointed out that Nicki hasn’t worked with any of them and blasted her for it.

“I’m sorry,” she wrote. “Nicki isn’t even saying anything smart. This is literally all because Cardi got number one and she’s number two. Like there’s no cultural or academic nuance to any of Nicki’s arguments.”

“It’s all ‘I bullied Lil’ Kim because I thought I was the cute light skinned girl, called her a monkey and stole all her ideas. Now a new light skinned girl is here, and I want to fight for Black women’s rights, all while normalizing pedophiles and not collaborating with any new women. Because I truthfully don’t want to uplift anyone, as I’m scared they could be bigger than me.'”

“I’m literally having second-hand embarrassment over how stupid Nicki looks right now,” added Banks.

And she didn’t stop there, because in a separate post she accused Nicki of being on drugs, which is something Joe Budden also said earlier this year.

“Like sis, you really have the coke sniffle,” wrote Banks. “You just gotta chill. It’s really like another episode of do drugs, don’t let the drugs do you type sh–. You’re really f—king tweaking. You looked coked, bitch.”

Banks also addressed Nicki’s belief that the media and up and coming female rappers are trying to ruin her. 

“Nobody’s f—ing sabotaging you,” she wrote. “Azealia Banks gets sabotaged, bitch. You don’t get sabotaged. Your album is just regular and your butt and your look, everything about you is just played out. And that’s how you know you know you played out, because how you get a number two record and you still not happy with yourself? That sounds like a personal problem to me. That’s a personal f—in issue, girl.”

After Banks’ message was posted, many agreed with her but stopped short of giving their full support based on her past behavior.

“First time she ever made sense to me,” one person wrote.

“I’m mad that this makes hella sense, however, she needs to still sit down because one minute she’s a fan of these people that she talks sh-t on, then she’s beefing and being extra,” wrote another.

You can see more Twitter reactions to Banks’ message below.

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