Nicki Minaj Gets Dragged to Shreds for Comparing Herself to Harriet Tubman

Nicki Minaj compared herself to Harriet Tubman for her influence on today’s music streaming and got dragged for it. 

“All the queens I remember shook sh– up,” she tweeted. ”Queen of the Week may go to Harriet Tubman. Had she just sat there and ate her rice, you n—-’s history would’ve been a lot less triumphant.”

Nicki Minaj Gets Dragged for Comparing Herself to Harriet Tubman

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Then as soon as the first round of backlash came, Nicki sent another tweet that mentioned the abolitionist and activist that only seemed to rile folks up even more.

“Y’all, I had no idea Harriet Tubman was now trending,” she wrote. “I said what I said. #QueenRadio will honor her tomorrow. She said she could’ve rescued more slaves had they known they were slaves. I fought for streaming services to count toward billboard when alotta n—– stayed quiet.”

For the past couple of weeks, the 35-year-old caused plenty of internet commotion but it hasn’t been about her music as much as it’s been about her interviews and tweets.

Between the scathing disses she hurled towards her ex Safaree Samuels, to most recently getting angry at the rapper Travis Scott after she learned his album beat her’s for the No. 1 Billboard spot, Nicki has seemingly waged war against a number of people, including the media.

In fact, she tore into Scott even further on her Queens Radio show about the rapper selling merchandise with his album to push sales. If he didn’t use that strategy, Nicki suggested her album “Queen” would’ve been No.1 instead of his LP “Astroworld.” She also called herself the “Greatest female rapper of all time.”

“Travis Scott wins Ho- N—a of the Week by a landslide,” she said. “He out here selling f——g clothes, got y’all thinking he selling f—–g music.”

Scott hasn’t responded to Nicki’s latest diss yet, but those who were offended by her Harriet Tubman tweet have. 

“Comparing your album sales to Harriet Tubman’s fight for freedom is the most stupid commentary on slavery in 2018, and that includes Kanye saying slavery was a choice,” someone wrote.

“How do you say Harriet Tubman and ‘You n—–‘ in the same sentence and be okay with that? Like you read it and pressed tweet?” wrote another.

After her controversial tweet, TMZ caught up with Nicki and asked her if she regretted making the Harriet Tubman comparison.

“I am the new Harriet Tubman … I’m Harriet Tubman,” she answered. “Leave me alone.”

You can see more of the backlash below.

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