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Charlamagne Gives Nicki Minaj ‘Donkey of the Day’ for Recent Behavior: She’s a ‘Sore Winner’

It seems like Nicki Minaj has followed the Kanye West playbook of rolling out albums because just like West, she’s been going on rants since her “Queen” LP dropped, and many have accused her of being nonsensical. 

In her latest round of tweets, Nicki expressed anger because “Queen” didn’t hit No. 1  on the Billboard charts and was beat out by Travis Scott’s “Astroworld,” which dropped three weeks ago.

Charlamagne Gives Nicki Minaj Donkey of the Day


She claimed that Scott promising tour passes with his album — which included a meet and greet with his girlfriend Kylie Jenner and their daughter Stormi — helped fuel sales, so his numbers shouldn’t count.

Nicki also accused the streaming site Spotify of sexism to further explain why her album didn’t go No. 1

So on Monday (Aug. 20), “The Breakfast Club’s” Charlamagne Tha God gave Nicki the “Donkey of the Day” and said she ought to be happy about selling so many albums. 

“It’s rare that you see someone play themselves the way Nicki Minaj played herself on social media yesterday,” he began. “With a 185,000 units and 78,000 of her albums was from traditional sales … I think that’s more than respectable. I think that’s a win, but Nicki Minaj, ladies and gentlemen, is a sore winner and it’s very rare that you come across a sore winner. Nicki is one of them.”

Charlamagne also said the “Barbie Dreams” rapper shouldn’t blame Scott for using merchandise or a tour pass to help drive sales, because she did the same thing with past albums.

“Last time I checked Nicki you bundled concert tickets with your album too,” he said. “So I’m really trying to see what is the issue here. Let’s look at everyone that Nicki blamed for being No. 2:”

“She blamed Travis Scott for selling merch along with his album, she blamed Kylie Jenner for tweeting about Travis Scott … She blamed Spotify for putting Drake on every playlist, but claims Spotify told her they’d have to teach her a lesson for playing her music 10 minutes early on Apple Radio. Nicki Minaj, you are blaming everyone like you lost something … Nothing you’re doing is queen like,” added Charlamagne.

He then addressed Nicki’s die-hards the Barbz and told them instead of slandering his name after “Donkey of the Day,” they should do whatever they can to help her music attain more sales.

“Charlamagne, you shouldn’t urge a hardworking Black women to settle for No. 2,” one person wrote. “You can give that negative energy to your wife and keep your two cents. Oh, and I bought the album four times, streamed and bought all the merch and concert tickets, stupid.”

But so far, the people who agreed with Charlamagne seemed to outnumber those who didn’t, and many slammed Nicki for her recent tweets and interviews.

“Her album should’ve been called ‘Victim,’” one person wrote.

“I love Nicki, but I have to agree with Charlamage on this one,” wrote another. “What’s wrong with having a No. 2 album that’s great, especially for being in the game for 10 plus years? She has two No. 1 albums and two No. 2 albums. She should be happy. As a fan I wish she wouldn’t act like this.”

Nicki hasn’t responded to Charlamagne yet, but for now you can listen to his “Donkey of the Day” segment below.

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