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Toni Braxton Gets Clowned Online for Horribly Misspelling Aretha Franklin’s Name In Tribute Post

Toni Braxton just wanted to give a nice tribute to late soul icon Aretha Franklin but she wound up getting clowned for an epic spelling mishap instead.

On Thursday, Aug. 16, the world learned that the Queen of Soul had died after suffering through advanced pancreatic cancer. Many of the legendary vocalist’s peers and famous fans tweeted out condolences and Braxton seemed rather eager to get her message out, too.

“I feel so blessed to have stood next to these two legends, RIP Aretha Franklin,🌹” Braxton tweeted, accompanied by a photo of herself, Whitney Houston and Clive Davis with Franklin.

But a glimpse of the “Sex and Cigarettes” performer’s misspelled Google search caught the eye of many.

“arthrea franklin, toni bracton, whitney hoistin, clivrs dsvis party,” it read.

Toni Braxton

Braxton ultimately deleted the error-ridden tweet and posted a corrected version on her Instagram page. But the damage had already been done and Twitter and Instagram users alike mocked her.

“she typed ‘arthrea’ and gave up after that mistake lmao.”

“Why she don’t know how to spell NOBODY’S name, even her own! 💀”


“Arthrea Franklin Toni Bracton Whitney Hoiston Clivrs Dsvis Party.”

One comment about the slip-up even made its way onto Tamar Braxton’s  Instagram page.

“Tamar babyyyyy, how ya sister misspell errrrybody’s name when she searched up that photo, even her own😭.”

It didn’t end there, either. Twitter users also mocked the star for possibly being influenced by her fiancé Birdman, too.

“Toni Braxton spelled every name wrong in her search engine. Either she can’t spell her own name or Birdman did the search for her. I’m going to pray for all tree of us.”

“Toni Braxton spells the way Birdman talks.”

“Toni Braxton misspelled all those words because it’s a distress beacon. She letting us know that Birdman has her captured.”

Still, the “Long As I Live” singer did manage to garner some defenders along the way.

“It’s funny but it’s not that serious. @tonibraxton would know how to at least spell her own name.”

“Bit childish to point this out. Obviously, she was typing in a hurry; she’s entitled to try to find the image.”


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