Terry Crews Gets Hit with Lawsuit from Former Social Media Consultant

After Terry Crews pressed ahead with his lawsuit against WME for alleged sexual assault from Adam Venit, the actor is now facing a claim that’s been filed against him.

A former social media consultant and friend has filed a more than $1 million action claiming breach of contract, cyberbullying, harassment and an indication of discrimination — which is debited — against an LGBTQ community member in a business disagreement over an app.

Terry Crews

LOS ANGELES, CA – JUNE 24: Terry Crews attends the 2018 BET Awards at Microsoft Theater on June 24, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Paras Griffin/VMN18/Getty Images for BET)

“This Complaint is brought by Plaintiff Darwin Hall seeking payment for services rendered and costs incurred by Plaintiff in connection with his services to Defendants, and for Defendants’ tortious acts in response,” reads the documents filed in Los Angeles Tuesday, Aug. 14 and obtained by Deadline. “As a direct and proximate result of Defendants’ breach of the agreements, Plaintiffs have suffered damages in an amount to be proven at trial, and exceeding $1,000,000.”

The filing also claims Hall has endured emotional distress along with “several harrowing weeks of despicable online harassment and cyberstalking” because of social media posts Crews posted in Dec. 2017.

Hall, who owns Symbolic Web Media, LLC, claims that he began working on the social media profiles of his “longtime friend” with whom he entered into a professional relationship in 1999. His work was meant to “enhance” the “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” star’s online presence and apparently when social media platforms emerged, Hall and Crews agreed he’d earn $55 an hour to keep up the accounts.

Hall claims that although he put 6,000 hours of work in for the actor, he was just paid  $28,479.06 over the course of twenty years. The docs also allege Crews lost it in 2013 when he learned Hall was working for a client from the LGBTQ community for a “dating app that the client had created for professional women.” As a result, the relationship between Hal’s company Crews Arts Ltd, the “Deadpool 2” actor’s loan-out company, which likely resulted in this lawsuit.

“Further, in response, to the demand for payment, Defendants engaged in a horrific campaign of harassment and cyberbullying that has caused Plaintiff to fear for his life and suffer substantial emotional distress, all because he dared to ask Defendants to honor their end of the bargain,” the filing reads.

It claims Crews didn’t follow through on a promise to “reimburse” Hall and his company’s client for the funds it doled out ahead of Crews supposedly forcing Symbolic Web Media to walk away from the client.

Crews has not publicly commented on the filing.

However, he did have a money issue with a business partner whom he alleges was addicted to drugs and creating porn sites. It’s not clear if he is referring to Hall.

Terry Crews

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