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Terry Crews Sexual Assault Case Against Adam Venit Gets Rejected

Actor Terry Crews’ uphill legal battle against WME’s Adam Venit comes to a screeching halt. According to TMZ, the Los Angeles District Attorney and the City Attorney both rejected the actor’s criminal complaint.

The District Attorney said the incident didn’t constitute a felony because Venit didn’t restrain Crews and there wasn’t skin-to-skin contact. The city’s attorney concluded that the complaint was beyond the statute of limitations for a misdemeanor. The incident happened in 2016 and the statute for a misdemeanor is 1 year.

Crew’s came forward with the February 2016 incident in October 2017. “My wife and I were at a Hollywood function last year and a high-level Hollywood executive came over 2 me and groped my privates.” A few months later “Everybody Hates Chris” star filed charges against the WME talent agent for the incident.

As a punishment, WME suspended Venit without pay for 30 days.

Venit isn’t off the hook yet, Crews filed a civil lawsuit.

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