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Teyana Taylor Quits Tour With Jeremih and Accuses Him of Shady Behavior: ‘Lazy, Sneaky, Jealous’

If you were planning to see Teyana Taylor on the Later That Night Tour, you should definitely make other plans.

The tour, which included Jeremih, started on Aug. 3 in Tampa, Fla. and was supposed to wrap up in Portland, Ore. on Sept. 8. But Teyana said because of how the “Birthday Sex” singer has been acting, she’s making an early exit.

Teyana Taylor Blasts Jeremih


“I’ve been extremely mistreated on this tour so on that note, I will no longer continue to stay on the #LaterThatNightTour,” she wrote. “Because if I do, Ima end up knocking this n—a out. I’m sorry to all who has already purchased tickets to see me. I will make sure everyone gets refunded.”

Teyana also accused Jeremih of not working hard enough and being dishonest. Plus, she said the R&B crooner thinks he’s on the same level as the King of Pop.

“@Jeremih, lazy, sneaky, jealous, conniving, selfish, lame ass nigga,” she tweeted. “Don’t ever try to play me, Petunia. They come to see me, then 80% of the room leave after my set. [I] work my ass off every city, every night. You’ve done nothing this whole tour but act like a diva in your princess chair … He really do think he is Mike Jack.”

Meanwhile, Teyana is on the September edition of Playboy magazine, where she sports a red bikini with matching red hair and designer glasses.

Inside, she talked about how difficult it’s been trying to be patient, considering she’s been in the music industry for 10 years and just released her debut album “K.T.S.E.” in June of this year.

Teyana also talked about the importance of sticking up for herself and maintaining integrity, even if people consider her hard to deal with.

“I’m not difficult; I’m just not willing to belittle myself, to settle,” she explained. “I’m going to have self-respect. I’m going to be a strong woman all across the board whether you like it or not. Maybe that’s why it took me so long to get where I wanted to be. I was never willing to be what someone else wanted.”

That’s obviously why Taylor decided to leave the tour so abruptly, because according to her post she felt disrespected. Eventually, her followers left comments and said most people wanted to see her anyway and not Jeremih.

“No one came to see him. Your show was sold out then empty when he came out for ATL,” wrote Twitter user Vershawn B.

“She literally didn’t even change her clothes or none of that,” another person tweeted. “It was high energy for two hours straight, but when he came out people were leaving … It’s okay sis @TeyanaTaylor, your talent or hustle will never go unnoticed.”

Jeremih has already responded by posting footage of Lil Duval singing, and he also wrote “K.T.S.E.” in the caption space, which you can see below.

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