Shaunie O’Neal Shares Scary Surveillance Video After Thief Tries to Break Into Home

Shaunie O’Neal did not come to play with the men who attempted to break into her home the other day.

The “Basketball Wives” star on Tuesday, Aug. 14 posted a surveillance video from her California residence where she caught some burglars red-handed.

shaunie o'neal

BURBANK, CA – JANUARY 13: Shaunie O’Neal poses at Shareef O’Neal’s 18th birthday party at West Coast Customs on January 13, 2018 in Burbank, California. (Photo by Cassy Athena/Getty Images)

“What are you doing?” O’Neal tells the would-be vandal presumably through an intercom. “You’re on camera. Smile b—-.

“Yeah, I see you too,” she adds of a second near-perpetrator.

Both men scurried away before being successful in their attempts.

“Listen did y’all forget @Shaq is partners with @ring and made sure the kids and I had cameras everywhere  #igotudummy #smileBitch #ihateathief #weonyoass,” the BBW executive producer captioned the post.

Fans added their takes on what went down, too.

“I really can’t believe ppl try that now. They should know everyone has cameras these days. Also, fooling with the QUEEEN @shaunieoneal5, that was never gone work. Hopefully y’all catch them!”

“Woooow are you serious that’s crazyyyy. Don’t know what they thought geesh.”

“And Guess what?? They been in your house already. Probably with one of your kids. That’s usually the case.”

“Wow that’s crazy smh…. you gotta be crazy to try and break in someone’s home and steal what they’ve worked hard for and the scary part is they ain’t care if you was home or not, ain’t care about your kids WOW… what was they intentions? I’m sooooo happy nothing happened, girl. You definitely packed the right attitude ♥️”

O’Neal was luckier than French Montana.

The rapper’s home was vandalized at the beginning of August and although he wasn’t home at the time, authorities confirmed to TMZ that two people were in the six-bedroom house when the armed robbery occurred. Police said that two men were responsible for breaking into the mansion and stealing property before leaving the premises. However, what was exactly stolen has not been disclosed.

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