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Steve Harvey’s Explanation of Ebonics Has Fans In Stitches: ‘It Ain’t Just Us’

Steve Harvey’s Throwback Thursday clip of his decades-old stand-up routine still holds up. Despite the fact that the original routine emerged in the 1990s, fans watching in 2018 are still doubled over in laughter.

During a comedy special Harvey filmed in Georgia all those years ago, the comedian took some digs at the effort to label ebonics as a Black thing.

“Walk around, strike up some conversation with the folks down here,” he says. “I’m telling ya it ain’t just us! Ebonics is nationwide! Ebonics covers everybody. You ain’t gon’ just blame us for it.”

He added that there’s no way to describe Black people’s speaking habits and dismissed the idea of putting the African-American Vernacular English version of “hello” in a dictionary.

“It’ll take up five, six pages!” the comic exclaimed.

He also questioned how anyone could put a non-verbal greeting into the dictionary.

“How ’bout this here ‘hello,'” Harvey says before strutting around stage giving a nod and raising a fist.

“This one is a Throwback Thursday for real,” the clip was captioned.

Meanwhile, fans couldn’t contain their laughter over the timeless Harvey joke.

“#Legendary 😂😂😂.”

“Hahaha 😂.”

“An oldie, but goodie!”

In another dose of comedy past on Thursday, Harvey got sentimental by remembering his late Kings of Comedy colleague, Bernie Mac. The star of the hit Fox sitcom, “The Bernie Mac Show,” died a decade ago in 2008 after having cardiac arrest and succumbing to complications from pneumonia.

“THE LATE GREAT BERNIE MAC,” Harvey wrote on Instagram Aug. 9 in his tribute. “His contribution to us, his brothers. The KINGS OF COMEDY can’t even be put into words or measured….. he was simply our KING of comedy …you can’t even know how funny he was until you’ve set backstage in the dressing and listened to the stuff he WOULDNT say on stage 😂😂😂. … my man always. The great Bernie Mac!!!#BernieMac #kingsofcomedy #comedy.

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