Halle Berry Gushes Over Ciara and Fans Are Loving It

Halle Berry isn’t done fangirling over singer Ciara. Not long after she gave her own take on CiCi’s Level Up Challenge — or rather, she let her B.A.P.S. character do it for her — Berry is once again gushing over Ciara.

This time, however, it’s not the singer’s musical prowess that’s inspiring the actress, but her charitability.

“Ladies and gentlemen, this WOMAN. 👏👏👏😭,” Berry wrote when she retweeted the dancer Monday, Aug. 6.

The reason why Berry was fawning over Ciara is clear. The star met and danced with the viral father-son duo that has captured hearts across social media and beyond.

Halle Berry

Declaring Kenneth Thomas and his son, Kristian, the winners of her Level Up Challenge, the star gifted the family with $5,000 check for Kristian’s treatment for leukemia. The video of the baby’s choreographer dad dancing upon hearing his son’s numbers was up has been viewed nearly 2.8 million times to date.

“Today I had one of the best times in Life!” the singer posted on Instagram last week. “I got to meet the Rock Star Kristian! I didn’t want to let him go!! He was so cuddly ❤️. He’s surrounded by an abundance of love! He radiates love! He’s a true warrior! I felt so blessed being with him and his family!”

Ciara also noted that young Kristian is in remission.

Social media users swiftly ate up the praise from one superstar celebrity woman to another.

“We love legends who support legends! ❤👑.”

“Okay, if this is a friendship, I stan. 😩😍😍.”

“Love you both! Hearts of gold. ❤️❤️.”

“I love your love for our girl!!! 😩😭😭💕💕💕 #Catwomenssss.”

“Both of you are amazing women #LevelUp.”

Even the choreographer dad himself, also known as Kenny Clutch, thanked Berry for her support.

“@halleberry thank you so much #fightkristian @ciara is amazing and we can’t thank her enough for her genuine love and support.”

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