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Oprah Winfrey’s ‘Living Her Best Life’ In Super Fun Shoot for September Cover of ‘O Magazine’

Media mogul Oprah Winfrey has fans in a tizzy over her stylish new photo shoot for the September issue of “O Magazine.”

Winfrey, 64, graced the cover of her self-titled publication sporting vibrant marigold threads, aviator sunglasses and a tan fedora cocked to the side, ever so casually. The “Selma” actress shared video from the fun-filled photo shoot on Instagram over the weekend, as she playfully two-stepped to Camilla Cabello and Young Thug’s “Havana” while the photographer snapped pictures left and right.

“Hey, Hey, Hey! I love it!,” someone shouts in the background, hyping her up.

Fans also egged Winfrey on, saying the shoot proved she was definitely “living her best life.”

“Looking good 😊 Oprah!!! You are slaying in the yellow and the hat 🎩 is the icing on the cake!!!😁👍” one person wrote.

“Literally my heart filled with joy watching this,” wrote another. “Living your Best life, woohoo!”

Fans said seeing Oprah dance put them in them in the dancing mood, too, while others commented on how fabulously the marigold yellow popped against her brown skin.

“…When yellow is all that your black skin needs💛,” one woman wrote.

Taking to her Instagram account this week, Winfrey not only blew fans away with her stylish fashions but also with her candid relationship advice. The seasoned TV producer answered questions from fans on a variety of topics — including what goes down in the kitchen on the perfect date night with longtime boyfriend Steadman Graham.

“My favorite date night is to make him black-eyed peas and cornbread as a surprise for dinner,” Winfrey revealed in an Insatgram video. ” … Honey, hush. That’s all you need. Little black-eyed peas, cornbread. That’s it. Perfect date night. Me cooking and then it’s on.”

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