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Meghan McCain Faces Pressure from Fans Wanting to Know When She’ll Start a Family

Fans put the pressure on Meghan McCain, 33, after “The View” co-host shared a video of herself playing with Fox News reporter Abby Huntsman and Jeff Livingston’s baby daughter Isabel over the weekend.

The Livingston’s baby girl showed off her best moves as she happily bounced up and down in McCain’s lap as her mother egged her on from behind the camera.

“She’s gonna be a dancer, Abby!” McCain says in the video as Isabel coos. “She’s gonna be a dancer.”

Meghan McCain

It’s unclear if Meghan McCain plans on starting a family of her own anytime soon. (Meghan McCain/ Instagram video screenshot)

The lighthearted video sparked speculation amongst fans that McCain might be pondering starting a family of her own soon. The former Fox News contributor wed her husband Ben Domenech in a pre-Thanksgiving ceremony in November of last year but it’s unclear if the two plan on having any kids in the near future.

This hasn’t stopped some fans from pressuring the co-host into parenthood, as if she isn’t well aware that her biological clock is ticking.

“Feeling maternal yet?” one person commented.

“Marriage agrees with you … I think a baby would too,” another chimed in.

Meanwhile, others went to bat for McCain and argued she should only have children when she’s good and ready.

“Obviously you are a natural,” one woman wrote. “Don’t ever do anything out of pressure. Everything in its own time. I became a Mama at 32 and then had my fourth at 43 and I’ve loved every minute. 💜”

“… I just wish people wouldn’t put pressure (kidding or not) on people/couples to have babies,” wrote another. “Maybe they aren’t ready, maybe there are infertility struggles, maybe they don’t want children. Who knows? Sometimes without realizing it the comment can be hurtful.”

If and when she decides to have children, fans insisted McCain would make a great mother.

“Don’t let these guys bully you to parenthood too soon!,” one woman wrote. “Have fun with your hubby awhile longer. But I do agree you look happy and will make an amazing mom!”

McCain is currently on a vacation as “The View” wrapped up its current season last week.

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