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Meghan McCain Is NOT Fired! Fans Will Not Get Their Wish to Replace ‘The View’ Host with Ana Navarro 

Meghan McCain is hardly a fan favorite on the “The View” but her critics will have to wait a little bit longer before she leaves the popular morning talk show. The conservative co-host made it clear she has no plans of exiting “The View” anytime soon.

On Thursday, McCain, 33, shared a picture celebrating the end of her very first season on “The View,” calling the experience a “wild ride.” The former Fox News contributor joined the show in October 2017, replacing former conservative co-host Elizabeth Hassleback. McCain quickly became a polarizing figure with die-hard fans and equally fanatic critics.

Meghan McCain

Meghan McCain with her dad Senator John McCain and The View co-host Whoopi Goldberg. Image courtesy of Instagram.

“I took the notorious conservative seat because of these two people,” she wrote, referring to her father, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and longtime host Whoopi Goldberg. “I would not change one thing. I hope I make you proud, Dad @senjohnmccain – thank you for insisting I’d be insane not to take this job and seeing what I couldn’t have then.”

“This gig is everything you said it would be and more,” she added.

Tooting her own horn, McCain also bragged about the fact that she’s the only conservative host to last more than one season on the show since Hassleback. She happily declared to fans she’d be back for Season 22 in the fall.

Not everyone is thrilled about her return, however. For months now, viewers have griped about McCain’s presence on the show, saying they’re sick and tired of her on-air hissy fits and narcissistic attitude toward her co-hosts. Some folks have even threatened to boycott the show if ABC doesn’t give her the boot — and soon.

With the recent departure of co-host Sara Haines, many viewers hoped a more moderate conservative co-host like Ana Navarro would be brought on to balance out McCain’s antics.

“Hope Ana Navarro takes her place #TheView,” wrote one viewer. According to Deadline, Navarro’s name has entered the conversation along with “Fox & Friends Weekend” co-host Abby Hunstman.

Meghan McCain

Twitter screenshot.

Meanwhile, others just want her off the show altogether, saying they’d rather see McCain gone than Haines.

“Wish it was Meghan who was leaving,” one viewer wrote.

“OH GOD, did Meghan really just say she sighed for another year!?!?!! WHY??????? Nooooooo!!!!!!!” another chimed in.

One viewer bashed McCain’s unprofessionalism, dubbing her a “loose lips, yelling loudmouth.”

“Crooked Meghan, kick her off! Kick her off,” another person chanted.

McCain still has a loyal fan base, however, who argued it was time for the conservative commentator to fly solo.

“You need your own show!” one person said. “The women you left had only one thought and one opinion and it was theirs only!”

ABC is reportedly looking for another conservative to balance out the panel but that may work against McCain since she and Navarro already butt heads.

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