Kim Kardashian Blasted For Suggesting Tyson Beckford is Gay After He Dissed Her Body

Tyson Beckford and Kim Kardashian are currently beefing, and it’s being played out on social media.

It started when the longtime model posted a photo of Kardashian and not only suggested that she got plastic surgery but the surgeon messed up her body.

Kim Kardashian Called Homophobic


“Sorry. I don’t care for it personally,” wrote Beckford under a picture of Kardashian sporting tight blue pants. “She is not real. Doctor f—– up on her right hip.”

The reality star eventually shot back and seemed to suggest that Beckford is gay, which is why he’s not attracted to her.

“Sis, we all know why you don’t care for it,” she wrote.

Eventually, Beckford doubled down on his opinion that he doesn’t like women who use surgery to enhance their bodies and said he’ll “always pick the Beyoncé types over anyone else.”  

He also responded with two shirtless photos and denied being gay.

“Train 5-6 days a week, weights, martial arts and firearms, and I defend those who can’t defend themselves,” he wrote. “I support LGBTQ, even though I’m not gay. It’s just the human thing to do. #blackexcellence#tysonbeckford #lgbt #superhero#realsuperhero.”

On top of that, Tyson shared a doctored picture of Kardashian and made her look like a bodybuilder. “Hit the gym, not the surgery,” he wrote.

Afterward, most people seemed to be on the model’s side, but Kardashian was slammed and called homophobic for her comments. Some also said she was upset because a Black man didn’t find her attractive.

“Let’s all be honest here,” someone wrote. “Kim K is mad because Tyson Beckford, who’s a Black man, doesn’t find her surgically augmented body attractive. If that was, let’s say, Jonah Hill or some mediocre white man, Kim wouldn’t have even said anything. She’s almost 40 years old and is utterly childish.”

“So Kim K loves being called anorexic, has nothing bad to say about Trump and tried using being gay to shame Tyson Beckford, because he wasn’t attracted to her fake body” another person wrote. “Try telling me she is not toxic one more time.”

“Poor Kim K,” wrote a third person. “She was mad that she’s not the object of every Black man’s desires, so she calls Tyson Beckford gay. You can’t tell me her statement wasn’t homophobic.”

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