Gabrielle Union’s Message About ‘Not Dimming’ Your Light Will Motivate You Like Nothing Else

Some of Gabrielle Union’s newest tweets are making an impact on her Twitter followers.

The actress posted two memos of inspiration on Wednesday, Aug. 1 and it’s moved fans to share their own stories of how they’ve learned to stand in their own light.

“When you realize you’ve wasted waaaay too much time and energy on people who never wanted you to win/succeed/dream/exist in the 1st place,” she tweeted before addng, “So many times we are afraid to be happy cuz we are too concerned about what other people will think. We shape shift, we dim our light & joy, & we become inauthentic beings out of fear of rejection & humiliation.”

“Live your dreams & when those dreams come to pass, find new dreams. No matter WHAT you do in this life, there will be ppl who got something to say cuz hurt/unhappy/chronically miserable ppl exist to troll & judge. Leave them where they are & soar. #ChooseYou,” she added.

Gabrielle Union Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle Union

The post moved fans so much that they spurred over 3,000 retweets between them. And they shared their own experiences related to reaching their goals and securing their happiness.

“The constant apologizing!!! I caught myself saying I’m sorry for being myself and demanding respect bc it made others uncomfortable. Oh hell no! Not anymore. Being the example I want my children to emulate. Do as I say AND as I do!”

“That’s so true…family and lots of other people will do that…so no more for me!! I wanna let my light shine!!!”

“No longer. Gave that up when I moved back to Cali last December. Let your light shine like the bright fn diamond you always have been since day one!”

When sitting down with E! News to talk about her docuseries with Hallmark, “Put It Into Words,” Union also showed how she uses cards to spread light and joy to her husband Dwayne Wade.

“Our anniversary is coming up… and I just wanted him to feel as special as he makes me feel. And so I was trying to find that perfect card that sort of wraps up everything I feel about him. I usually go for that … the “Glory” tear [that Denzel Washington sheds in the movie].”

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