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Folks Accuse Kenya Moore of ‘Paying’ 5 Fans to Protest for Her at Bravo Headquarters

Kenya Moore has been accused of being behind the fan protest held outside of Bravo’s headquarters in New York City by other fans of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

A tiny group of fans gathered at Rockafeller Plaza on Tuesday, July 31. Radar Online reported they chanted, “Boycott Bravo! Boycott Bravo” and “Kenya Moore, Team Twirl! Kenya Moore, Team Twirl!” The five sign-bearing people were speaking out against Moore reportedly not returning to RHOA for the 11th season. It came days after Moore disclosed on Twitter that negotiations had stalled between her and the network as to what her role will be next season.

kenya moore

(Photo by Michael Tran/FilmMagic)

“Nope… was never offered a friend role, just friend💲to do the same job and show family and baby story🤔,” she told an inquiring fan. “No movement in negotiations but not to worry… a girl has options just in case 💅🏾 👸🏾.”

But now, some other viewers of the hit reality TV series believe it was Moore who put the small gathering together.

“Poor Kenya had to hire people.”

“Did she pay [these] people to do that for her?”

“This looks as if they are hired to do this. 😂😂😅 miss Kenya.”

“They’re not fans. Keyonce employees.”

“Really Kenya?!? How much did you pay those people? 🤦🏾‍♀️”

This isn’t the first form of protest that has been launched in support of the married mother to be. Online, fans wondered if they should push a #JusticeForKenya campaign to let Bravo executives know their feelings.

And before Moore cleared up some misconceptions about her time on RHOA, she had vehemently denied another Radar Online report that claimed she’d be looking to get her own spin-off chronicling her journey to motherhood.

“Do you really think Bravo would talk to a trashy blog like ‘radar online?’ When have you ever seen Bravo release cast info before the season starts on any cast member being fired or HIRED? 🤔 N-E-V-E-R,” she said on Instagram.


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