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‘Daddy’s Twin’ Fans Love How Much Toya Wright’s Baby Girl Favors Her Father 

Reality star Toya Wright shared a cute photo of her six-month-old daughter Reign Rushing and her baby girl’s father Robert Rushing. Fans were absolutely in love with how much Reign favored her father.

Wright posted shared the photo with her daughter in pretty stripe dress while sitting in her daddy’s lap. “@reign_beaux had a ball at Daddy’s family reunion.” Wright received compliments but the attention was on baby Reign.

“Daddy’s twin ❤ nothing for mom. Sorry Toya”

“I was wondering who she looks like😍😍😍 She’s sooo adorable and she is his twin😍😍😍 @toyawright”

“Both of your girls look like their fathers. I’m happy you have a wonderful and loving relationship with both. Most females don’t. U deserve all the happiness in the world @toyawright. I gotta get you back on SongPop 2, 😂😂😂. I have so much fun playing with u. I read your book. I love it. I’m Diamond on the game, 💎💎 I hope u recognize me. 😂😂 God bless love, 💙♥”

“Wow…Princess is daddy twin”

“OMG that smile is just amazing 😍😍😍 she is so beautiful! She looks just like her daddy. Congratulations on the beautiful family!”

“She is a doll 😍her daddy child, at least ur oldest is pretty like mommy cause he gets all the credit here!!! All love!!!!”

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